MSA Parents

MSA Competitive Parents-

Welcome to the world of Competitive soccer! The MSA provides competitive training and games for the age divisions of U9-U17 in three different seasons throughout the year! Partake with the MSA traveling, competitive teams who travel across the state of South Dakota taking on some of the best teams and players in the state! Many teams also provide the option to travel to tournaments to neighboring states to further reach out to locate competitive teams to challenge our players to become the best they can be and continue the passion for the sport of soccer!

The MSA has two separate leagues to better adjust players to the sport of soccer as we are always looking to grow our youth players in a positive atmosphere that involves players to grow at their own pace. The MSA Competitive league provides that extra step in learning the game of soccer through parent coaches whom have a minimum of a US Youth “E” License certification and are always looking at gaining more knowledge by attending coaching education courses throughout the year.

Have the opportunity to grow individual skills by partaking in MSA coach specific extra practices such as goalie, foot skills, tactical game play and more! This is the future of the MSA, the youth is the future of soccer and we want to provide our youth with as much knowledge as possible to make sure players have the opportunity to excel at the sport of soccer within the MSA and beyond!

Below you will find links to assist parents in better understanding the game of soccer and also to let parents know that they also play a big part in each game and practice your player partakes in. Also, how you as a parent, can properly play your part of the team as your child grows all the way up to highschool and college!

Thank you for being part of the Mitchell Soccer Association Competitive League!

Parent Education-

  • Parents Guide <PDF
  • Positive Parenting <PDF>

Frequently asked Questions-

Q- How many practices a week does the MSA have?
A-Practices are held twice a week with tournaments varying on weekends.

Q- How do I register my child?
A-Click on the “Programs” tab on the MSA toolbar and look for MSA Online Registration.

Q- When are the MSA Seasons?
A-The MSA has three seasons to partake in, Fall (August-October), Indoor (November-March) and Spring (April-June).

Q- Do I have to attend every tournament my team participates in?
A-You do not have to partake in every tournament! The competitive soccer season spans across 10 out of 12 months of the year, so we want players to get a break in between seasons and also during.