Mitchell Soccer Association


The Mitchell Soccer Association is home to both recreational and competitive soccer. Take part in our Youth Soccer League or YSL, that provides the basic knowledge of soccer in a recreational atmosphere to provide the stepping stones for your child into the next step, competitive soccer!

The MSA Youth Soccer League is a recreational program provided to the youth of Mitchell introducing the sport of soccer to the ages of 3-8 years old! From basic dribbling to shooting and passing, players are taught the beautiful game of soccer to fulfill their passion and provide better opportunities in pursuing competitive soccer.

The MSA Academy was developed specifically to bridge the gap from the recreational soccer player to a skilled soccer player learning more aspects of the game for ages 9-10. The goal of the YSL is to get players introduced to soccer and to develop basic soccer skills. The Academy will take the basic skills and develop them further to become a more skilled player and take the next step in learning the game.

Challenge your skills within the MSA Competitive soccer ages 11-19, in three different seasons throughout the year. Challenge your skills within the MSA, by taking part in tournaments across the state. This will provide your players with detailed drills to improve foot skills and a higher knowledge of the game.